How to get $50 free poker cash

Get free poker cash with our “No deposit required” offers. 

Simply follow the links through to our poker partner to receive your $50 poker cash for free.

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More details about Free Poker Cash

New poker players at get $50 to start playing online poker for free, without depositing their own money in 2 steps:

  1. Register at
  2. Pass the easy quiz on basic poker rules (to prove you are not a scammer)

Over 1.5 million people have already done these 2 steps and have received their free poker cash.  You can too!online poker

What’s the catch?

The “catch” is that PokerStrategy wants you to pass a basic poker quiz before you get $50 for free.  This is to prove you are human who has a clue about poker and not a scamming robot.  The quiz is easy and all the answers you need are in 2 articles.

Americans and people in the USA:

Un-fortunately, doesn´t currently give this poker cash offer to people in America.  🙁
Very-fortunately, we have partnered with another poker room which offers a $40 no-deposit, free-cash poker bonus.  🙂

Follow the USA link below if you are in America and want free poker cash:USA $40 Poker offer

Why give away cash?

To them, them $50 is like a marketing cost and they are glad to invest it in you when they are introduced to new poker players.  They spend this money because they hope that you will become loyal and deposit your own money in the future. is a legitimate company, established in 2005 and regulated in Europe.


How to pass the PokerStrategy quiz:

1 – Relax!  It is easy!  The quiz consists of 20 questions on basic strategy.  The quiz isn’t difficult, it is just hard enough to make sure that the complete morons and scammers don’t get a free bankroll.   This poker bonus is for people who at least have a clue about poker.

2 – Read the 3 articles.  Yes, you have to invest 10 minutes of your time, but this will help you learn more about poker too.

3 – Download the Starting Hand Chart to answer the questions.  This chart gives you a lot of the answers to the quiz.

4 – When you are sitting the quiz, keep the poker articles open in a different browser.  All of the answers are right there in the articles.

5 – If you fail, just do it again – you still have 4 more chances to pass.

PokerStrategy is so keen to get in new members that even if you fail 5 times, they will still offer new members free $10 deals for free poer cash at US poer networks (Cake and Revolution)

online poker

After passing the simple quiz and choosing a poker room where you want to play:

  • You will receive $50 free money at the poker room of your choice & you can start playing there straight way
  • You will have access to poker lessons, videos, coaching & everything at, free of charge
  • You can do all this in 18 languages!  Free poker cash!  Dinero gratis! Argent gratuit! kostenloses Geld! etc….

Deutch Link

Enlace Espanol


This website is set up mainly to promote this free poker cash, free poker games and prizes, but also to enjoy the lighter side of the poker world, including

Funny, weird, motivational poker posters
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Legal developments in the poker world and the legality of poker
Poker celebrities
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