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Poker is 100% legal for Canadians to play online in 2012, but there are a few tricky rules, hey.  Most Canadian provinces allow residents to gamble for real cash at poker sites online.

canadian poker

Canadian poker, hey

Canadian provinces with some regulations:

  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland
  • Labrador

These 4 provinces have restrictions on online casino games but they have not set out any specific regulations for online poker.   This means that you are in the clear and you’ll still be able to play online poker without any troubles!

Why is it legal for Canadians to play online poker?

The legal argument for online poker revolves around players using the software of foreign poker sites.
There are many poker sites based in Central America and the Caribbean.
These sites offer poker services to Canadians, but since they are not located in Canada, the Provinces cannot prosecute these online poker providers.  The Canadian government simply has no jurisdiction, therfore it is 100% legal to gamble using a foreign online poker service in Canada.
Editor: The government should realise the revenue they are missing and start regulating 😉

When is it illegal for Canadians to play poker?

Adding to the confusion and double standards, it is still illegal for Canadian residents to operate any form of physical poker-gambling house or poker room, yet playing online is a huge loopwhole and opportunity for canadian to play poker.

The best way for Canadians to play online poker:

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Daniel Negreanu – Canada’s poster boy of poker

Daniel Negreanu Canadian flag

Daniel Negreanu Canadian flag

Daniel Negreanu in Toronto

Daniel Negreanu in Toronto



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