Methods of collecting poker rake:

Dealt Rake Method

Contributed Rake Method

Weighted contributed Rake Method

Essence Rake Method – just bwin use this method

Which type of rake distribution is best?

The more rake you are allocated the more rake back you get and the more Player points / player prizes you get too.

In terms of rakeback, the dealt method is best for tight players  – they get rewarded even though they arenñt actice in a hand.  All they have to do to get allocated a share of the rake is to be dealt cards, even if they are folded straight away.

Essence is best of losing players.  They more you lose, the more rakeback you get.  bwin has introduced this method to reward the fishy, losing players to help them stay in the game longer and also maybe to help them pick up a few poker skills which will halep them survive longer.

The contributed method is best for looser players – the more they contribute, the more rakeback goes their way.

“What is rakeback” is covered HERE


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