Free poker bankrolls
Free poker cash in 2013

Poker rooms have always given away incentives like cash, rakeback & starting bankrolls to encourage people to join up & start their poker careers. 2012 is no exception!
Poker rooms give away cash up-front, hoping you will enjoy poker now and stick with it.
In the long run, they are gambling that one day in the future you will be profitable for them by playing a lot a maybe depositing your own money.

PokerStrategy gives away $50 bankrolls and is by far the best option available on the internet.

PokerStrategy is the biggest legitimate poker school in the world.  They are well regulated, they don’t accept US players and they have a massive poker community.

Get your FREE $50 by clicking HERE or on one of the banners:online poker

Reasons to join their community:

  • They give you a $50 free poker bankroll to use playing poker at rooms like, PokerStars & Party Poker.
  • “Free bankroll” means that you don’t make ANY deposit to start playing poker.  No bank accounts required.  No credit card details asked for.  EVER.
  • They provide free poker videos, online poker coaching and hand evaluations from experts (real experts!)
  • Over 5,000,000 members can’t be wrong!
Free poker cash

Another happy PokerStrategy member (with 2 * 3-of-a-kinds?)

online poker

One Response to How to get free poker cash in 2013

  1. steve says:

    It is true!
    Poker rooms and poker portals give away free poker cash to new players. they want you to try out poker at THEIR poker room.
    They are banking on the fact that you will become loyal to them and one day MAYBE in the future, you will deposit your own money too.

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