Free poker Bankrolls are an easy and popular way for new poker players to get free poker money and start playing poker online.  One person can get hundreds of dollars of free bankrolls and this page will show you how, just by following 3 steps:

  1. Register at
  2. Take a quick look at the basic strategy guide (only 3 pages)
  3. Pass their quiz on basic strategy
    (Over 1.1 million people have already done these 3 steps and have received their free poker money – you can too)

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What are free bankrolls?
Poker rooms are so keen to recruit new players that they will give away real money to players to use at their poker room.  These free bankrolls are just that – FreeYou do NOT have to deposit or provide your bank account or any credit card details.  You dont; risk your own money and you have nothing to lose.
On the other hand, some poker rooms may ask you to provide some ID – they don’t want to be ripped off by scammers.  Some rooms also don´t take US players.

How much are these free bankrolls?
They can range between $8 and $100 each, but amount to hundreds of $$$ when added together.

How do I get a Free Bankroll for Poker?

Longer, detailed answer:
1 – Click on the banner above
2 – Register with
3 – Read 3 articles
4 – Pass a basic quic about poker (this quiz filters out the scammers who don’t have a clue about poker).  The quiz is based on the 3 articles you just read..
5 – Choose a room like PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker where PokerStrategy will deposit your $50


You can take advantage of this and other no deposit bonuses via our website, but remember to provide your real name and details, otherwise you will have a difficult time cashing out.  All of these starting bonuses are no deposit! That means that you don’t need to deposit to recive the 100 % Free Poker money!  The poker room offer other deposit bonuses, but these obviously require a deposit to be made.  The more you deposit, but bigger bonus they give you.


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