Why do poker rooms give away free money?

Free Poker Money: The most popular way for online poker rooms to attract new players is to offer them a range of bonuses.  These bonuses often take the form of a matching bonus, whereby a poker room matches the initial deposit a new customer has made up to a certain dollar amount.   You normally only get ONE first time depositor bonus.

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The poker bonuses take 3 general formats:

  1. An immediate matching bonus, where you deposit money and the room matching it immediately.  888 does this, but they don´t let you withdraw the bonus money unless you play some poker.
  2. A release-as-you-play matching bonus, where you deposit money now, but the poker room only matches your bonuses bit by bit.  You have to play a bit in order to get your bonus.
  3. RARELY you will find a no-deposit-required bonus, like the one offered at PokerStrategy.com

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To get teh first 2 types of bonuses, again go to PokerStratgey.  PokerStrategy has a official, published policy of matching the the best poker bonuses that are available on the market.  A full list of the best poker bonuses can be found here:

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But how do poker rooms actually make money by offering these sign-up bonuses?

Well, they atually lose money, or at the very least, just break even.  these poker rooms are willing to invest in you.  They hope that you will hve a great time, like their software and then stick around to play even more.


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