How to withdraw a bankroll from Full Tilt Poker (July 2011)

Now that play and withdrawals from Full Tilt has stopped, thousands of players are worrying about how to get their bankrolls refunded.  Worrying how to get a refund from Full Tilt poker is just one problem, the other problems is to think about where to play next.  They have been burnt once by FTP and players should not be keen to return to them..  Full Tilt haven´t emailed players yet so no-one knows how to get their money back (as at July 1st 2011).

One of the best ways to keep informed is to follow a reputable new source like PokerStrategy.com )

So, Which are the best poker rooms now?

Normally, I would say Poker Stars, but if Alderney ( a sleepy Channel Island) can screw over FTP, the Poker Stars is not safe either.  NOW is the time to move bankrolls to safe poker rooms that have been playing by the UIEGA rules (as crappy and ridiculous as they are)

An Even Better Option:
NOW is the time to get a free bankroll (where you don´t have to deposit a cent of provide bank details).

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Another good option for a FREE poker bankroll:

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